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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

What We Do

Carpet Vacuum

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

All Clean Cleaning services provide the highest level of quality, professional carpet cleaning for domestic and commercial clients.

We only use the latest cleaning equipment on the market to deliver an amazing result every time from a bedroom carpet to a whole office block.

-Quick dry

-Furniture removed

-Elimination of odours

-Carpet Sterilisation. Killing mites and eggs



-Dining Chairs

Creating a healthy environment reducing risks of allergies.

Carpet Cleaning: Services
Before 1 All Clean Carpet.jpg


After 1 All Clean Carpet.jpg


Before 2 All Clean Carpet.jpg


After 2 All Clean Carpet.jpg


Carpet Cleaning: Services

Our Process




Carpet Vaccuum Process.png
Carpet Cleaning Process.png
Shampoo Carpet Process.png

On arrival, we will vacuum your carpets first using industry best equipment. Vacuuming removes over 90% of dry dust which penetrates deep carpet's structure and is responsible for most colour fading. This process leaves carpets cleaner and allows further treatments to be more effective.

We then pre-treat all stains with appropriate chemicals sprayed on their surface.

Rinsing through with shampoo and
water is the last stage of our treatment which removes dirt together with all chemicals leaving your carpet clean and ready to use when dry.

Carpet Cleaning: Services
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