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Communual Cleaning

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Commercial Cleaning

All Clean Cleaning offer Commercial cleaning services, which seek to meet individual client's needs. Every client is different and therefore it is important that we meet every clients desired needs.

We take pride in the high quality services that we provide. All our staff are highly trained, experienced, fully insured and are keen to clean your premises. Staff are fully managed on a daily basis insuring a quality service 100% of the time.

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Office Cleaning

Our Office Cleaning Service, seeks to ensure your office is fit for work and sparkling clean. 

At a time suitable for you we will carry out a deep clean to your premises this includes:

-Clean all carpets

-Descale clean and sanitise all toilet areas

-Clean and sanitise kitchen areas

-High level dust clean

-Clean all windows

-Clean behind desks and shelves (which generally gets forgotten by other companies)

Then going forward with us taking care of your cleaning needs, you will see immediate improvements which we will keep up to the desired cleaning standard.

Whether it's daily, weekly or every other week we can offer you an office cleaning package tailored to suit all your cleaning needs.

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Communual Cleaning

If you're living in a communal area or are part of a residents association then this is the service for you.  With the amount of residents in Communal Areas, they can generally become quite dirty when they're not maintained.

We can arrange a time to suit you, whether that's weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

The same fully insured cleaner will be supplied every time.

A Cleaning checklist will be carried out for each clean to ensure the clean is up to standard.

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